1P2-G02 Life Pattern Monitoring System for Senior Citizens Living Alone Using Thermal Image Sensors(Integrating Ambient Intelligence)

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  • 1P2-G02 熱画像センサを用いた独居高齢者モニタリングシステムの提案(空間知)


In Japan, the number of senior citizens who live alone is increasing. Even if they fell down because of illness or accidents, no one will notice it and it may results solitary death at the worst. In fact, the solitary death is one of the major social problems and many public offices are trying to prevent it. For senior citizens and their families, it is important to monitor them in distant all the time and notice it when some irregular event has happened. In this paper, we propose senior citizen monitoring system that uses thermal image sensors. We also propose the methods for estimating the availability of elder person and the degree of their activities in each room. We conducted experiments with subjects and confirmed the feasibility of the proposed system.


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