1A1-J03 Grasp planning in obstacle environment using DOF of grasping work(Robot Hand Mechanism and Grasping Strategy(1))

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  • 1A1-J03 把持作業の自由度を用いた障害物環境下での物体把持動作計画(ロボットハンドの機構と把持戦略(1))


In this paper, we propose grasp planning of manipulator with parallel gripper in obstacle environment. We consider collision avoidance as a problem of motion planning in obstacle environment. However redundant degree of freedom is required to avoid obstacle and to grasp. In proposal plan, we observe that redundant degree of freedom that grasp pose has. Using DOF of grasping work, it can avoid obstacle and grasp target object without redundant manipulator. Constructed symple algorithm, proposal plan has a benefit for system integration.


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