2A1-E08 Sensors Feedback Control of Electro-Hydrostatic Actuator Power Assist Device based on Phases of Human Gait using EMG signal and Velocity Positive Feedback(Wearable Robotics)

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  • 2A1-E08 筋電位に基づくトルク推定と感度関数増大型トルク補助のスイッチングによる静油圧駆動パワーアシストのフィードバック制御(ウェアラブルロボティクス)


In order to enhance and strengthen human gait, the research of Wearable Robots has been prompted in recent years. Beside designing a suitable structure for Wearable Robot with a powerful, flexible and lightweight actuator, a proper control method is also required. In this paper, we present a control method for knee joint power assist device based on Human Gait's phases. In our method, human gait is divided into two phases: supporting and swinging phase, for each phase we design a different controller to suit its characteristics. At the supporting phase we recognize wearer's intention and estimate assist torque by using EMG signal, while at the swinging phase we use velocity positive feedback control to assist the wearer.



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