2A1-N05 Development of tomato harvesting robot through the tomato harvest robot competition

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  • 2A1-N05 トマトロボット競技会を通じたトマト果実収穫用ロボットの開発


In late years, Japanese agriculture is aging and young people away from primary industries. For these problems, by using the robot and information communication technology, labor saving, automation, and "smart agriculture" that enables improvement of productivity is expected. Tomato is a kind of major vegetables, harvest and shipping amount is located in the upper level. However, the time required for harvesting to the total working time per 10a accounts also 30%〜40%. Also, many of the tomatoes are grown indoors, because of the high temperature and high humidity environment, labor burden greater labor-saving is desired. Studies have been made extensive aimed at commercialization of tomato harvesting robot so far. We are through the tomato robot competitions that aim to automate and practical application of the harvest of vegetables.



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