2A1-L07 Study of the Deformable Ultra Redundant Robot System

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  • 2A1-L07 多様な形態に変形可能な超冗長ロボットシステムに関する研究


This study aims the development of methodology to deform ultra redundant robots according to commanded operations and generate motions of those. The important points in the methodology are the modularize of the forward/inverse kinematics calculations every joints for forming robots, and the multi-point positioning of ultra redundant robots. Because inverse kinematics calculation modules calculate own angle without relationships of a whole structure of robot, multi-points positioning problem become simple problem. The forward kinematics calculation modules are connected each other corresponding to structure of robots. These connections are to making flow of calculation and it can be branch structures calculations. This report describes details of the modularize of the forward/inverse kinematics, the method of the deformation of robots. Finally, some simulations are indicated for confirmation of effectiveness of the proposed method.



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