2A1-L10 Embodiment Control of Redundant Manipulator in Narrow and Complicated Space

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  • 2A1-L10 狭隘環境下を想定した超冗長マニュピレータの身体性制御


Use is expected of redundant manipulator that combing through rubble after an earthquake and a tsunami etc. It is necessary that controlling embodiment or the feature and joint position of the redundant manipulator, operating the redundant manipulator applied to the environment and the work situation. But in some cases, it is difficult calculating exact solution for embodiment control of redundant manipulator. This paper deals with a kinematics resolution framework for robots controller to perform multi target positioning. The framework consists of metaphysical subsystems, corresponding to joint and link, and their connection rules. The localized forward and inverse kinematics calculations are embedded in the subsystems and kinematics models are composed of a set of subsystems assembled by their connection rules. The framework is applied to case studies of the forward and the inverse kinematics problems which are multi target positioning of redundant manipulator.



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