1A1-S08 Effects of Telepresence Robot's Gesture Exaggeration on Turn-Takings

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  • 1A1-S08 遠隔会議用テレプレゼンスロボットの誇張した身ぶりが発話機会獲得に与える影響について


We propose a telepresence robot that exaggerates non-verbal cues for taking turns in teleconferences. In multi-party teleconferences, it is more difficult for the remote participants to take their turns than face-to-face. It is said that an addressee tends to be next speaker. Therefore, becoming the addressee is a previous step to become a speaker and take turns. In order to make the remote participant become addressee, proposed system detected remote participant's non-verbal cues such as attention directions, nod motions and back-channels. Then, the system exaggerates the cues and expresses them as the robot's motions.


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