Smart Mechanics for Fusion of Soft and Rigid Robotics

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  • 剛性と柔軟性を融合させるスマートメカニクス


<p>Herein we present the research and development in Smart Mechanics; a project affiliated by NEDO in the University of Tsukuba. We are developing new robotic joints using a combination of magnetorheological fluids and springs. The developed semi-passive components have the ability to change their apparent stiffness and viscosity; in other words, they can be soft or hard at demand. Combined with the investigation of human ankle joint impedance, we also developed a smart orthosis to assist persons with drop-foot condition. We are also investigating applications with manipulator robots for manipulation tasks where impedance modulation is necessary. Smart Mechanics combines the worlds or soft and traditional robotics to unlock new capabilities in human assistive and industrial robots.</p>


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