Another Choice for External Evaluation in School Evaluation : The Case in Hessen State in Germany

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  • 学校評価における外部評価論の選択 : ドイツ,ヘッセン州の例を手がかりにして
  • ガッコウ ヒョウカ ニ オケル ガイブ ヒョウカロン ノ センタク ドイツ ヘッセンシュウ ノ レイ オ テガカリ ニ シテ

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Nowadays, school evaluation practices are quite active on one side, but on the other side the logical issues around them, especially in so called external evaluation should also be examined. The purpose of this paper is to clarify the institution, organization and management of external evaluation in the case of Hessen State in Germany from the perspectives of speciality and concernment with public education. The condition of external evaluation "Schulinspektion" in Hessen is as follows; 1. (1) The evaluation team, organized solely by school teachers with a teacher who has experience in the same type of school to be evaluated, takes the task. (2) They are public officials of the state who need to receive training as evaluators for 3 months in fields such as analyzing data, accompananied by school visits and preparing final report. 2. (1) The external evaluation is exempted by state educational administration "Qualitats-institut" that stands under the Ministry of Education. (2) Evaluators are in neither temporary nor part-time employment, but in full-time work. (3) They undertake their roles with very defined procedures, including summarizing school-portfolios, visiting schools and inquiring of or interviewing students and parents (without residents who live in school district), until they bring the final report, wherein the school should talk with their bearer about school policy. In the former elements, external evaluation takes specialty in teaching vocation, not by "school relatives". Also in the latter elements, concernment is ensured by state institutions, not by "outsiders". Considering these points, we could suggest to analyze more the both side of "inside-outside" or "self-others" of school.


  • Journal of JASEA

    Journal of JASEA 52 (0), 80-95, 2010

    The Japanese Association for the Study of Educational Administration

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