Economic Development and Democratization: Myanmar's Case

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  • 経済発展と民主化 : 抑圧国家ミャンマーを例に(大会報告論文:幸福・不幸と社会経済システム)
  • 経済発展と民主化--抑圧国家ミャンマーを例に
  • ケイザイ ハッテン ト ミンシュカ ヨクアツ コッカ ミャンマー オ レイ ニ

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This paper examines a thesis of whether an economic assistance of its cancellation or withdrawal, or economic sanction at large, has a capacity to change a regime, taking an example from a repressive country Myanmar. Recently a massive aid has been extended to fragile countries in order to support their democratization efforts. However, despite what has been claimed or expected by policy-makers, it is unknown whether an economic assistance could have such an enforcing institutional power. A foreign aid could make a fragile system even more vulnerable to various uncertainties. This paper looks various forces surrounding Myanmar and makes a case for an effective policy intervention for Japan.



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