Characteristics of Water Mist Fire Suppression Analysed by Numerical Calculation of Gas-Droplet Flow

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  • 1531 液滴空気混相流の数値計算によるウォーターミスト消火特性の解析


Water mist is one of the digestives noted for a new generation fire suppression system, and it has a lot of extinction effects. In this paper, the effect by the evaporation of droplets was considered, and the gas-droplet flow was computed for analysis of the water mist fire control. Especially, the cooling effect of water mist was discussed with changing the diameter of droplets. It was found through our computation that the distribution of droplets and the cooling effect change significantly according to the droplets diameters, and we conclude that the diameter of droplet is important parameter which determines the extinction effect of water mist fire suppression system.


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