604 Solution to Shape Identification Problem on Thermoelastic Solids with Desired Distribution of Thermal Deformation

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  • 604 熱変形分布を規定する熱弾性場における形状同定問題の解法(J02-1 解析・設計の高度化・最適化(1),J02 解析・設計の高度化・最適化)


This paper presents a numerical analysis method for solving the shape identification problems of thermoelastic fields. The square error integral between the actual thermal deformation distributions and the prescribed thermal deformation distributions on the prescribed sub-boundaries is used as the objective functional. The shape gradient of the shape identification problems was derived theoretically using the adjoint variable method, the Lagrange multiplier method and the formulae of the material derivative. Reshaping was accomplished using a traction method that was proposed as a solution to the domain optimization problems. A new numerical procedure for the shape identification was proposed. The validity of the proposed method was confirmed by the results of 3D numerical analysis.


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