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S0203-1-2 Numerical simulation of nasal airflow

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  • S0203-1-2 鼻腔内気流の数値シミュレーション(上部気道の輸送現象)


Airflow patterns in the nasal cavity strongly affect the uptake and deposition of inhales pollutants, air-borne particles, and odorants over the entire nasal mucosa. Because of the nasal cavity's small size and structural complexity, the ability to accurately estimate the anatomically dependent airflow structures remains a challenge. In this study, the nasal cavity geometry was reconstructed from in vivo acquired CT data of the nasal passages in one healthy subject, and Voxel based CFD simulations were carried out for airflow in the nasal cavity model. In terms of the application to medical treatment, usefulness of these modeling techniques was discussed.



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