Relation between the posture of a rider and vibration characteristics of a bicycle

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  • 20H 乗り手の姿勢と自転車の振動特性の関係
  • 乗り手の姿勢と自転車の振動特性の関係
  • ノリテ ノ シセイ ト ジテンシャ ノ シンドウ トクセイ ノ カンケイ

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The effect about the posture of riders on vibration characteristics of bicycles is discussed. Carrying out the excitation test of the human-bicyle system, the frequency responses are measured. Three kinds of posture, normal sitting standing and sitting with both the feet away from the pedals are taken. Placing the experimental bicycles on the excitation table and exciting the front or the rear wheel by the random noise with a rider, we investigated the steady state response of the vibration.



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