Living environment of flag-shaped housing lot

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  • 旗竿敷地における住環境の課題と展望
  • 旗竿敷地における住環境の課題と展望 : 郊外住宅地町田市における実態調査
  • ハタザオ シキチ ニ オケル ジュウカンキョウ ノ カダイ ト テンボウ : コウガイ ジュウタクチ マチダシ ニ オケル ジッタイ チョウサ
  • 郊外住宅地町田市における実態調査
  • analysis of all houses in Machida, a typical suburban housing area

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This Research shows outline of Flag-Shaped housing lot in Machida City. Questionnaire to residents of Flag-Shaped housing lot shows keys for future living environment of their area. The research shows that Flag-Shaped housing lots are frequently found in Land Readjustment areas. Reserved lots for sales are subdivided to small pieces of land. Odd shaped Flag-Shaped land are more found in sloped areas, especially just outside of large public housing complex built on the hill. Ideas such as to create community common using Flag-Shaped housing lots and so on are proposed for future living environment in Machida city.



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