Integrated Physiological Interaction Simulation for a Large-scale Circulatory System with Beat-by-beat Model


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This paper presents integrated physiological interaction simulation for a large-scale circulatory system which combines macro and micro models concerning with heart functions. The macro model is composed of physiological modules such as neural activity, hormonal adjustment, and body temperature control, and provides a mathematical representation of comprehensive knowledge of circulation physiology. The micro model, on the other hand, uses differential equations to describe hemodynamics with the heart as a pump, and calculates the heart pulsations in millisecond time steps. An electrical circuit model is constructed for the systemic and pulmonary circulatory systems, in which the time-varying elasticity of the ventricular muscle corresponds to a variable capacitor. By connecting the macro and micro models through common variables, a simulation which combines macroscopic and microscopic hemodynamics is produced Namely the investigation of the response of the pulsatile blood flow under various parameter conditions in the human body becomes possible.



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