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Qualitative study describing the new practice of a "Tokutei Kangoshi" (Japanese nurse practitioner) working at a primary care community hospital

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  • 地域医療を担う病院に勤務する特定看護師の新たな実践に関する質的研究

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As Japan is rapidly becoming a super-aging society, in which a new type of medical recruitment is demanded,"Tokutei Kangoshi (TK) (Japanese nurse practitioner)," i.e., Japanese nurse practitioners, are attracting attention as a strategy to address problems of primary care delivery in the community. This study sought to describe the new practice of a TK working at a primary care community hospital. Subjects were three female patients aged 66-90 years who had multiple chronic diseases and who received care from the TK. A semi-structured interview was conducted with each subject in 2013. The interview was audiotaped and transcribed verbatim, and the collected data were analyzed and categorized qualitatively. The results suggested that the TK, who had been performing this role for > 3 years, provided "assessment of treatment principles from a long-term point of view" and "symptom management for the quality of life of elderly patients and clinical assessment based on evidence of elderly patients" for elderly patients with multiple chronic diseases. The patients reported "satisfaction with the holistic care provided by the TK." It is expected that TKs will increase in number, their use will spread throughout the country, and they will contribute to the improvement and advancement of national healthcare delivery.


  • Japanese Journal of Nursing and Health Sciences

    Japanese Journal of Nursing and Health Sciences 12 (2), 44-52, 2014

    Oita University of Nursing and Health Sciences The Center for Nursing Education, Research and Collaboration (CNERC)

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