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The Ban and Spill-over- The Cultural Meanings of Broadcast Spill-over from Japan in  Pusan, Korea in the 1950-70s


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  • 「禁止」と「越境」
  • 「禁止」と「越境」--50-70年代韓国釜山における日本の「電波越境(spill-over)」現象の文化的意味
  • キンシ ト エッキョウ 50 70ネンダイ カンコク フザン ニ オケル ニホン ノ デンパ エッキョウ spill over ゲンショウ ノ ブンカテキ イミ
  • 50-70 年代韓国釜山における日本の 「電波越境(spill-over)」現象の文化的意味

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<p> The purpose of this study is to examine the influences of‘ broadcast spillover</p><p>from Japan’ in Pusan, Korea in the 1950-70s and understand the cultural</p><p>meaning of the historical process. Japanese broadcast by spill-over not only has</p><p>influenced on Korean broadcast system deeply, but also has been enjoyed by</p><p>people as a kind of popular culture in everyday life in the situation that it had</p><p>been banned to import Japanese popular culture. What this study showed was</p><p>that a number of attitudes, gazes, and strategies on political, economical, social</p><p>and cultural levels have been involved complicatedly in this issue.</p>


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