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Estimates in several industrial yeast strains ploidy by flow cytometer with rapamycin.

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  • ラパマイシンを用いた実用酵母株のフローサイトメーターによる倍数性の推定
  • ラパマイシン オ モチイタ ジツヨウ コウボカブ ノ フローサイトメーター ニ ヨル バイスウセイ ノ スイテイ

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The present work investigated ploidy measurement methods by flow cytometer (FCM) in industrial yeast treated with rapamycin. Four industrial yeast strains such as Saccharomyces cerevisiae OC-2, W-3, KN-35 and KN94, growing in a logarithmic phase with rapamycin, had their ploidy analyzed by FCM. It was apparent that, compared with the case of rapamycin, the untreated peak indicating the DNA amount of the yeast cells as determined by FCM showed increased accuracy over conventional ploidy yeast measurements. Comparison with S. cerevisiae OC-2 and W-3 as diploids estimated the ploidy of industrial yeasts KN-94 strain to be aneuploid or triploid, and the KN-35 strain to be aneuploid or diploid.



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