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Flame Propagation along a Linear Array of Liquid Fuel Droplets under Micro-Gravity Condition. 2nd Report. Flame Propagation Speed Characteristics.

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  • 微小重力下での直線液滴列に沿った火炎伝ぱ 第2報  火炎伝ぱ速度特性
  • ビショウ ジュウリョク カ デ ノ チョクセン エキテキレツ ニ ソッタ カエンデンパ ダイ2ホウ カエンデンパソクド トクセイ

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Analytical expressions for the mean speed of flame propagation along a linear droplet array under micro-gravity condition is derived on the basis of physical model developed in the present paper. They correctly predict the inter-droplet spacing dependence measured in micro-gravity experiments. It is found that the inter-droplet spacing nearly equal to the maximum diffusion flame diameter which isolated droplets have in the same ambient condition yields the maximum flame propagation speed. For inter-droplet spacing shorter than this critical value, the time which is required for the ignited droplet to heat up to the boiling surface temperature dominates the flame propagation speed so that the flame propagation speed linearly increases with inter-droplet spacing. On the other hand, for inter-droplet spacing greater than the critical value, the auto-ignition delay time of the droplet in the influence of heat flow from the burning droplet dominate the flame propagation speed, yielding an decreasing function of inter-droplet spacing.


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