Direct Numerical Simulation of a Spatially Developing Round Jet. Validity of Numerical Results and Mechanisms of Reynolds Stress Transport.

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  • 空間的に発達する円形噴流の直接シミュレーション  計算結果の妥当性とレイノルズ応力の輸送機構
  • クウカンテキ ニ ハッタツ スル エンケイ フンリュウ ノ チョクセツ シミュレーション ケイサン ケッカ ノ ダトウセイ ト レイノルズ オウリョク ノ ユソウ キコウ

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Direct numerical simulation (DNS) was performed for a spatially developing round jet Re=1200. Streamwise extent of computational domain is 30 nozzle diameter, and initial and nearly developed stages of turbulent jet were predicted. Combination of forth order finite differencing method and numerical damping near the jet center axis resulted in generally good agreement between numerical data and existing literatures with sufficient numerical stability. Detailed discussion was made for Reynolds stress budgets. Inter-component transfer of Reynolds stresses appear both initial and developed stages in a way similar to other one-dimensional shear flows homogeneous in streamwise direction. There were no qualitative differences among stress components for their spatial transport and dissipation. For three components of normal stresses, initially generated turbulence was mostly convected downstream to the developed stage of jet but transport process in the developed stage was dissipative with high conversion rate of kinetic energy into heat.


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