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Formation of Capillary Ripples on Gravity-Capillary Waves.

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  • 異相界面における諸現象の物理  自由界面波上のリップル形成に関する実験的研究
  • 自由界面波上のリップル形成に関する実験的研究
  • ジユウ カイメンハ ジョウ ノ リップル ケイセイ ニ カンスル ジッケンテキ ケンキュウ

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Parasitic capillary ripples emerging on the forward face of wind-driven gravity-capillary waves are investigated experimentally. The wave slope angle is measured optically with sufficient time and space to characterize short ripples. The condition of ripple generation and the ripple steepness are correlated with the amplitude, the degree of fore-aft asymmetry, and the maximum local curvature of the underlying gravity-capillary waves. The phase speed of the gravity-capillary waves carrying ripples can be correlated with the characteristic parameter of ripples. These characteristics do not explicity depend on the wind velocity over the waves.


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