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Heat Transfer Performance of a Plate-Finned Tube Heat Exchanger. A Three-Dimensional Steady Numerical Analysis for a Two-Row Plate-Finned Tube.

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  • プレートフィン付き管熱交換器ユニットの流動・伝熱総合特性  二列管に対する三次元定常数値解析
  • プレート フィン ツキ カン ネツコウカンキ ユニット ノ リュウドウ デンネツ ソウゴウ トクセイ 2レツカン ニ タイスル 3ジゲン テイジョウ スウチ カイセキ

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A three dimensional steady numerical analysis has been made for both of staggered array and in-lined array of two-row plate-finned tubes heat exchanger unit located in a uniform flow. The structures of the flow and thermal fields have been examined for conduction-convection conjugate heat transfer problem of the studied fin-and-tube model. The results of the numerical analysis revealed some important effects of geometric parameters on heat transfer from the fin-and-tube surface for each array of two-row tubes. The effects of fin thickness, fin pitch, fin length, tube pitch and Reynolds number on heat exchange rate, Nusselt number, heat transfer rate, and pressure coefficient were examined parametrically. Though space mean Nusselt number and heat transfer rate have no big difference between the two array cases, slightly better heat transfer performance is attained in the staggered array case as Reynolds number or fin pitch is increased. On the contrary, pressure loss obtained in the staggered array case is larger than that obtained in the in-lined array case.


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