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Simulation of Combustion Field by Lattice Boltzmann Method.

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  • 格子ボルツマン法による燃焼場の数値計算
  • コウシ ボルツマンホウ ニ ヨル ネンショウバ ノ スウチ ケイサン

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For modeling turbulent combustion, numerous studies have been made. Even chemically nonreacting turbulent flows are complex phenomena, and chemical reactions make the problem more complicated. Due to the limitation of computational costs, conventional numerical methods are impractical in carrying out 3 D numerical simulations at high Reynolds numbers with detailed chemistry. The lattice Boltzmann method (LBM) has emerged as an efficient alternative for numerical simulation of complex flows. In our recent study, we have proposed a numerical scheme to simulate combustion field by LBM. Here, for benchmark study, we focus on a flame in simple flow geometry. The numerical model and LB equations for flow, temperature, and concentration are explained in detail. Using methane/air and propane/air mixtures, we obtain laminar burning velocities, which are compared with experimental values.


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