A turbulence measuring probe composed of a fine cylinder and hot-wires.

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  • 微細円柱と熱線を組合せた乱流計測プローブ
  • ビサイ エンチュウ ト ネッセン オ クミアワセタ ランリュウ ケイソク プロ

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When a cylinder is placed perpendicular to a uniform flow of fluid, the upstream velocity vector can be determined from the velocities measured at two points in the region where the streamlines are deformed by the cylinder. Based upon this principle, a new type of probe, which possesses similar directional sensitivity to an X-probe and is suitable for anemometry in a narrow space, has been devised. Since the hot-wires are put outside the boundary layer on the cylinder, the optimal location for each wire can be examined by analysing the sensitivities for the probe operating in a plane inviscid flow. The probe, with a cylinder of about 0.1 mm in diameter, is calibrated statically and dynamically, and applied to measuring turbulent stresses and power spectra in simple flows. The experiment shows that this type of probe is reliable in various measurements of gaseous turbulence.



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