Outline of the shear zones in the Kuzuryu area, Hida Gaien belt, Fukui Prefecture, central Japan

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  • 飛騨外縁帯九頭竜地域の剪断帯群概報
  • ヒダ ガイエンタイ クズリュウ チイキ ノ センダンタイグンガイホウ

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Structural studies of the Kuzuryu area of the Hida Gaien belt, central Japan, have revealed that most Paleozoic geologic units in the area are bounded by shear zones. Among the shear zones, at least four brittle-ductile shear zones have dextral strike-slip component, whereas the cataclastic shear zone that marks the southern boundary of the Hida Gaien belt has sinistral strike-slip component. The dextral shear zones cut the Motodo Formation, which yield Early Jurassic granite pebbles, but do not cut the Early Cretaceous Tetori Group, whereas the sinistral shear zone cuts the Early Cretaceous Tetori Group. It is suggested that the dextral shear zones were active in Early Jurassic to Early Cretaceous times, whereas the sinistral shear zone was active in Cretaceous time.


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