Hot Surface Deposition of Jet Fuel Containing Various Fatty Acids or Esters

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  • 各種脂肪酸またはエステルを添加したジェット燃料の高温壁面上におけるデポジット生成特性


Deposition characteristics of JetA-1 containing various fatty acid or their methyl esters were investigated experimentally. Test fuel was JetA-1 to which 10wt% of a certain fatty acid or methyl ester was added. In deposition test, single droplet of test fuel was dripped on a hot surface repeatedly, and evaporation deposits formed on it were analyzed. As a result, the mass of deposits formed from the test fuels were much larger than that formed from pure JetA-1. Moreover, it was found that the deposition mass increased with increasing the degree of unsaturation of fatty acid which was added to JetA-1.


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