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Vortex in Cell Method for Gas-Liquid Two-Phase Free Turbulent Flow (Numerical Method and Application to Bubbly Flow around a Square-Section Cylinder)

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  • Vortex in Cell法による気液二相自由乱流の数値解析(数値解法と角柱周りの気泡流解析への適用)
  • Vortex in Cellホウ ニ ヨル キエキ 2ソウ ジユウ ランリュウ ノ スウチ カイセキ スウチカイホウ ト カクチュウ マワリ ノ キホウリュウ カイセキ エ ノ テキヨウ
  • Numerical Method and Application to Bubbly Flow around a Square-Section Cylinder
  • 数値解法と角柱周りの気泡流解析への適用

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This paper proposes a two-dimensional vortex method, based on Vortex in Cell method, for gas-liquid two-phase free turbulent flow. The behavior of vortex element and the bubble motion are calculated through the Lagrangian approach, while the change in the vorticity due to the bubble is analyzed in the computational grids resolving the flow field. Therefore, the numerical procedure corresponds to the Lagrangian-Eulerian method. The present method is applied to simulate the bubbly flow around a square-section cylinder. The simulation demonstrates that the bubble entrainment into the Kármán vortex and the resultant reduction for the strength of the vortex are successfully captured by the method. It is also confirmed that the vortex shedding frequency and the pressure distribution on the cylinder are favorably compared with the measured results.


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