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Invariant Assumption of PDF Profile and Universsal Velocity Law in Turbulent Boundary Layer (3rd Report, Contribution from Coherent Structures to Log-law Profile)

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  • 平板乱流境界層対数速度分布領域における変動速度確率密度関数の特性(第3報,対数法則領域における整構造の役割)
  • ヘイバン ランリュウ キョウカイソウ タイスウ ソクド ブンプ リョウイキ ニ オケル ヘンドウ ソクド カクリツ ミツド カンスウ ノ トクセイ ダイ3ポウ タイスウ ホウソク リョウイキ ニ オケル セイコウゾウ ノ ヤクワリ
  • 平板乱流境界層対数速度分布領域における変動速度確率密度関数の特性(第3報,対数法則領域における整構造の役割):第3報, 対数法則領域における整構造の役割
  • 3rd Report, Contribution from Coherent Structures to Log-law Profile
  • 第3報, 対数法則領域における整構造の役割

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In a zero-pressure gradient turbulent boundary layer, the multi-point measurement by 24 ch I-probes is performed. The relation between coherent structures and logarithmic velocity profile is studied by way of proper orthogonal decomposition technique and the stochastic estimation. It is found that the existence of coherent structures are necessary condition for the universal velocity profile, however it is not enough. Small-scale motions are also necessary to realize the log-law profile. The probability density profile in the overlap region is studied, and as a result, the invariant assumption of PDF in relation to the coherent structure is obtained. It was also evaluated how the velocity fluctuation in the log-region is affected by the coherent structures.


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