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Clarification of Unsteady Fluid Force Acting on Limbs in Swimming Using an Underwater Robot Arm : 2nd Report, Modeling of Fluid Force Using Experimental Results(Fluids Engineering)

    Department of Mechanical and Environmental Informatics, Graduate School of Tokyo Institute of Technology
  • NAKASHIMA Motomu
    Department of Mechanical and Environmental Informatics, Graduate School of Tokyo Institute of Technology

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  • 水中ロボットアームを用いた水泳時の四肢に働く非定常流体力の解明 : 第2報,実験結果に基づく流体力のモデル化(流体工学,流体機械)
  • 水中ロボットアームを用いた水泳時の四肢に働く非定常流体力の解明(第2報)実験結果に基づく流体力のモデル化
  • スイチュウ ロボットアーム オ モチイタ スイエイジ ノ シシ ニ ハタラク ヒテイジョウ リュウタイリョク ノ カイメイ ダイ2ホウ ジッケン ケッカ ニ モトズク リュウタイリョク ノ モデルカ

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The objective of this study was to clarify the unsteady characteristics of the fluid force acting on limbs during swimming. For this objective, an underwater robot arm, which has five degrees-of-freedom in order to perform the various complicated limb motions during swimming, was developed. In the previous study, an experiment to measure the unsteady fluid force was conducted for four swimming strokes of the upper and lower limbs. In this paper, the unsteady fluid force model was firstly formulated. Second, the simulation of experimental conditions was conducted. Two fluid force coefficients, which are the parameters in the fluid force model, were identified using optimizing calculation, so that the discrepancy of the forces and moments between the experiment and simulation was minimized. In addition, the fluid force models which depend only on limb's shape were determined. A good agreement between the experiment and simulation with the determined fluid force model indicated validity of the determined model. The identified fluid model will be useful for mechanical analyses of various swimming motions in the future studies.


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