CMA Banding Patterns of Chromosomes in Major Citrus Species

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  • カンキツ主要種における染色体の CMA 染色

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Fluorochrome staining with chromomycin A3 (CMA) was used to characterize and compare the CMA banding patterns of chromosomes in 14 accessions of 12 species of major Citrus species. All accessions had 2n = 18 chromosomes. These chromosomes were classified into seven types based on the number and position of CMA-positive bands: A: two telomeric and one proximal band, B: one telomeric and one proximal band, C: two telomeric bands, D: one telomeric band, E: without bands, F: one proximal band, and Dst: type D with a satellite chromosome. Each accession possessed two to six types of chromosomes and unique CMA banding patterns. The CMA banding patterns were 2B + 8D + 8E in C. medica, 1B + 1C + 8D + 8E in C. limon, 2B + 9D + 7E in C. aurantifolia, 1A + 1B + 1C + 7D + 8E in C. aurantium, 2B + 2C + 7D + 7E in C. sinensis, 3A + 3C + 4D + 8E in C. maxima, 2A + 3C + 6D + 7E in C. paradisi, 2B + 2C + 12D + 2E in C. ichangensis, 2A + 5C + 8D + 3E in C. latipes, 1B + 11D + 4E + 2Dst in C. micrantha, 2B + 1C + 11D + 3E + 1F in C. macroptera, and 3B + 1C + 8D + 3E + 2F + 1Dst in C. hystrix.<br>


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