Effect of oleification on hastening the maturity of the fruit. I

  • HIRAI J.
    College of Agriculture, University of Osaka Prefecture
    College of Agriculture, University of Osaka Prefecture
  • TADA H.
    College of Agriculture, University of Osaka Prefecture

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  • On the time of application and kinds of oils

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Oleification has been known as a practice in anointing the eye of the intact fig with olive oil in order to accelerate its maturity since the 3 rd Century, B. C. in Greece (Condit 1947).<br>There are some unknown problems, however, which we do need to clarify the reason why and how the practice of oleification would stimulate its ripening.<br>This report is the results of some experiments to acertain the effect of different oils and time of application in hastening the maturity of the figs.<br>Materials were used the breba of Masui Dauphine fig.<br>1. Oleification should be undertaken to a very limited period when the fruit attained about 34mm in width at the end of period II of the growth. At that time the color of the fruit skin changed from greenish to yellowish, a part of the eye swelled, and the color of the eye and fruitlets in the receptacle changed from light pink to reddish pink.<br>2. The application of some vegetable oils to the eye of the fig stimulate the ripening of the fruit. In a day or two the treated fruits began to increase in size and in six days they reached full color and maturity, while untreated figs remain green and hard. The treated figs were equal in size, color, and contents of sugar and acid to those allowed to mature naturally.<br>3. The treatment of animal oil also stimulate the ripening of the fruit, but the effect was less than that of vegetable oils. Treated figs matured 8 days after treatment.<br>45 The effect of mineral oil was not constant and inferior to that of vegetable oils and animal oil. No effect of liquid paraffin was observed.



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