Experiment on Chaotic Vibrations of a Cantilevered Beam Deformed by a Stretched Cable.

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  • ケーブルで拘束を受ける片持ばりのカオス振動の実験
  • ケーブル デ コウソク オ ウケル カタモチバ リ ノ カオス シンドウ ノ

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This paper presents the experimental results on chaotic vibrations of a cantilevered beam deformed by a stretched cable. The beam is deformed to a postbuckled configuration by a cable that is extended from the top to bottom of the beam. We call the deformed beam a 'tendon beam'. As a lateral load is applied to the beam statically, the beam changes to another equilibrium position accompanied with a snap through deformation. When the beam is subjected to periodic excitation, a large-ampltiude response is generated by resonance. Chaotic motion appears near the fundamental resonance region as well as the region in the higher mode of vibration. Both chaotic motions are confirmed as the chaos due to maximum Lyapunov exponent with a positive number. By recording the Poincare section of the chaos behavior, fractal attractors are clearly focused in the fundamental resonance region. The more complicated attractor is obtained in the resonance region of the second mode of vibration. The correlation dimension of the chaos in the second mode is higher than that of the fundamental mode. It is generated by the two-to-thirtees internal resonance between the fundamental mode and second mode.


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