Elimination of Vibration in Turning Process by an Active Work-Rest Mechanism.

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  • 能動振れ止め機構による旋削加工時の振動防止に関する研究
  • ノウドウ フレドメ キコウ ニヨル センサク カコウジ ノ シンドウ ボウシ

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The purpose of this research is to increase the efficiency and accuracy of the turning process by means of an active work-rest mechanism. An prototypical experimental mechanism which controls one degree-of-freedom motion of a workpiece is made and experimentally investigated. The mechanism supports the workpiece and controls its radial motion by means of a feedback system composed of a noncontact sensor, a linear actuator and a PID controller. As a result, the active work-rest mechanism effectively eliminates vibration of workpiece in terms of spindle rotation of lathe. This mechanism is also applicable to workpieces with eccentric weight, and improves roundness of workpiece.


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