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Heat-Treatment Distortion of Hypoid Gears. Detection of Heat-Treatment Distortion and Proposal of Corrective Gear Cutting Method.

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  • ハイポイドキヤの熱処理変形に関する研究 熱処理変形の検出とそれを見込んだ歯切法の提案
  • ハイポイドギヤの熱処理変形に関する研究(熱処理変形の検出とそれを見込んだ歯切法の提案)
  • ハイポイドギヤ ノ ネツ ショリ ヘンケイ ニカンスルケンキュウ ネツ ショリ

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In this paper, a corrective gear cutting method is proposed to compensate the errors resulting from heat treatment. The heat-treatment distortion of hypoid gears is detected and treated as included in the error with gear cutting. The coordinates of many points on the heat-treated gear tooth surface are measured using a coordinate measuring machine. A theoretical gear tooth surface expressed as a function of the machine settings on a Gleason hypoid generator is estimated by the method of least squares so that the surface can fit the data of coordinate measurements. The errors caused by the heat treatment are taken as includible in the deviations of the estimated machine settings from the designed settings. The corrective cutting method was proved to be valid because the dimension of the gear surface after heat treatment lay in close proximity to that of the designed surface.


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