A Study on Similarity Law on Creep Forces in a Scale Model of Railway Wheelset.

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  • 鉄道車輪軸の縮小模型におけるクリープ力の相似性に関する一考察
  • テツドウ シャリンジク ノ シュクショウ モケイ ニ オケル クリープリョク ノ ソウジセイ ニ カンスル イチ コウサツ

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In the research work on dynamics of railway vehicles it is efficient in time and cost to employ scale models on a test stand. However, the similarity of creep forces between the wheel and the rail can not be satisfied in a scaled wheelset if it is made of steel, though steel is the material same as practical wheelsets. This paper deals with the effects due to the fault in the similarity of the creep force on the rolling behavior of scaled steel wheelsets. Then, referring to the idea developed by L. M. Sweet et al., a method is proposed for the experiments that utilize the scaled wheelsets. The method can keep the similarity on creep force by adding extra sprung load acting steady. The method is confirmed to be valid through the numerical simulation, but it requires the scaled wheelset to roll at the same speeds with the prototype and to be added large extra load. The apparatus that allow those demands has to be studied more before the method is realized in the practical experiment.



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