Duplex Spread-Blade Method for Cutting Spiral Bevel Gears Using a Quasi-Complementary Crown Gear.

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  • 準仮想冠歯車を用いたこう配歯曲がり歯傘歯車のDuplex歯切法
  • ジュン カソウ カンムリハグルマ オ モチイタ コウバイバ マガリバ カサハグ

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In this study, an ordinary complementary crown gear generates both an actual spiral bevel gear and an imaginary spiral bevel gear whose pitch cone angle is 80o∼87o. The tooth surface of the imaginary bevel gear is replaced by a simple conical surface. The imaginary gear with the conical tooth surface is designated as a quasi-complementary crown gear and is used as a tool gear to generate the pinion. The quasi-complementary crown gear produces a tooth surface modification. As a result, the engagement of the gears is a point contact with a negligibly small non-conjugate. The complementary crown gear and the quasi-complementary crown gear each generate both sides of a tooth space of the work gear simultaneously because the cutter blades forming a tooth of each crown gear are widely spread by an adequate amount. The conditions which satisfy this duplex spread-blade method relating to both the complementary and quasi-complementary crown gears are shown in this PaPer.


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