Rotor Tooth Profile of Screw Compressor.

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  • スクリュー圧縮機のロータ歯形に関する研究
  • スクリューアッシュクキ ノ ロータ ハガタ ニカンスルケンキュウ

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The rotors of a screw compressor engage peculiarly with each other in comparison with helical gears. In order to obtain a compressor with high performance, it is necessary to clarify the peculiarity of the rotor tooth profile following the peculiar engagement. In this study, the peculiarity is investigated. The results of the investigation are as follows. (1) The trailing tooth profile of the rotor is fundamentally fixed. (2) The leading tooth profile of the rotor can be determined arbitrarily. (3) The volume of the rotor tooth space is fixed almost independently of the rotor tooth profile. (4) A blow hole occurs in the trailing tooth profile which is not a roulette. It is impossible to avoid a blow hole in the practical tooth profile. (5) If gas torque promotes the progressive rotation of the female rotor, the female rotor tooth thickness must be altered thin.


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