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Vibration of an Asymmetrical Shaft with Gravity and Nonlinear Spring Characteristics. Vibrations of Harmonic and Super-Combination Types.

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  • 重力と非線形ばね特性の作用を受ける偏平軸の振動  調和型振動と超和差型振動
  • ジュウリョク ト ヒセンケイバネ トクセイ ノ サヨウ オ ウケル ヘンペイジク ノ シンドウ チョウワガタ シンドウ ト チョウワサガタ シンドウ

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When an asymmetrical shaft is supported by single-row deep groove ball bearings, nonlinear spring characteristics appear due to clearance of bearings and the stiffness of support at the shaft end differs depending on the direction because the equilibrium position of the shaft center line shifts from the center of the clearance due to gravity and misalignment of assembly. Due to the coexistence of the rotating difference in shaft stiffness, the static difference in stiffness at bearing support and the nonlinear spring characteristics, various kinds of nonlinear parametric resonance and nonlinear forced resonance occur. In this paper, we studied vibrations of harmonic type and super-combination type. As a result, we clarified the following phenomena, such as, division of unstable range, convergence of an unstable vibration to a limit cycle, resonance curve of a hard spring type, and coexistence of a forward and a backward frequency components.


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