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The effects of resilient support on the vertical body-bending vibration of a bogie car. (2rd report. vibration characteristics with car body excitation under deflation of airsprings).

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  • ボギー車の車体上下曲げ振動に及ぼす支持ばねの影響 第2報 車体加振による空気ばねパンク時の振動特性
  • ボギーシャ ノ シャタイ ジョウゲ マゲ シンドウ ニ オヨボス シジバネ ノ

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The deflation of an airspring deteriorates the riding comfort of railway vehicles due to an increased bending vibration of the car body. This paper describes the results of a calculation analysis for the car body-bending vibration with deflated airsprings excited at the car body. The results are summed up as follows. The bending vibration characteristics are affected to a large degree by the damping force acting to the primary suspension (axle spring). In case of the bogie structure in which the frictional force of high damping acts on the axle spring, the natural frequency of car bodybending increases when its airsprings deflate. The natural frequency decreases in the bogie structure which has a low damping force such as the usual oil dampers for the axle spring. Unless the oil damper fails, the acceleration amplitude of the latter structure is less than the former one under the deflation of airsprings.



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