The effects of resilient support on the vertical body-bending vibration of a bogie car. (1st Report, Mode shapes and natural frequencies).

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  • ボギー車の車体上下曲げ振動に及ぼす支持ばねの影響 I  振動モードの形と固有振動数
  • ボギーシャ ノ シャタイ ジョウゲ マゲ シンドウ ニ オヨボス シジバネ

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The lightening of the car-body mass of railway vehicles is desirable for increasing speed and saving energy. But this may adversely affects riding comfort due to increased bending vibration of the car-body. so, in order to examine the bending vibration characteristics more accurately, it was necessary to improve the calculation model. The improved model for vertical bending is a uniform beam supported on 2 resilient stands at each truck center position. Calculation results about mode shapes and natural frequencies are compared with the bench test data of a real car. As a result, it was made clear that the bending mode remarkable in real cars was simulated more accurately by the 2nd modal shape of an elastically supported beam. And, in the range of the realistic value of supporting elasticity, this shape almost corresponds with the 1 st modal one of free beam.


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