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A method of improving the accuracy of the three-coordinate measuring machine. 1st report A trial production of the three-dimensional standard.

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  • 三次元座標測定機の精度向上法 I  三次元用ゲージの試作
  • 3ジゲン ザヒョウ ソクテイキ ノ セイド コウジョウホウ 1 3ジゲンヨウ

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The trial production and the inspection test of a three-dimensional standard gauge equipment are carried out. Two types of equipment are designed for the calibration test of the three-coordinate measuring machine(3CMM). Each equipment is fabricated from precision steel balls arranged on a base plate- (1) 20 pieces of ball are placed in a rectangular lattice shape on nearly the same plane - (2) 3 of 9 pieces are spaced on three different heights. The measuring probe is positioned on the balls and the center coordinates are measured to determine the three-dimensional relation of each ball position. The inspection test of the standard gauges are performed with the 3CMM whose discrete distribution of the error vector is already known. The repeatability and the reproducibility are observed in the test. As a result, the standard gauge equipment built as a trial proved to be adequate for practical use in the calibration test of other 3CMM.



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