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Nonlinear Resonances and Self-Excited Oscillations of a Rotor due to Radial Clearance and Impact in Bearings (Analysis of Subharmonic Oscillation by Nonlinear Spring/Damper Model)

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  • クリアランス内で衝突を伴うロータの非線形強制振動と自励振動(非線形ばね・減衰モデルによる分数調波振動の解析)
  • クリアランス ナイ デ ショウトツ オ トモナウ ロータ ノ ヒセンケイ キョウセイ シンドウ ト ジレイシンドウ ヒセンケイバネ ゲンスイ モデル ニ ヨル ブンスウチョウハ シンドウ ノ カイセキ
  • Analysis of Subharmonic Oscillation by Nonlinear Spring/Damper Model
  • 非線形ばね・減衰モデルによる分数調波振動の解析

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A piesewise linear spring and damper model considering contact stiffness and restitution coefficient between bearing and case is introduced to analyze subharmonic resonances and the self-excited oscillation of the impact model in the former report. By applying Harmonic Balance Method (HBM) to the equivalent nonlinear spring and damper model, the periodic solution is analyzed in the speed range of 1/2 order subharmonic resonance speed. As the results, the entrainment of 1/2 order subharmonic oscillation can be explained analytically by the periodic solution of + (1/2) ω and its stability. In addition, the infuluence of the static lateral force or damping effect is investigated on the entrainment phenomena and the occurrence of the self-excited oscillation around 1/2 subharmonic resonance.


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