Relationship between Aerial Concentration of a Synthetic Sex Pheromone Component and Mating in the Disruption Field of the Smaller Tea Tortrix, Adoxophyes sp. (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae).

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  • チャノコカクモンハマキの交信撹乱圃場における大気中の合成性フェロモン濃度と交尾率の関係
  • チャノコカクモンハマキの交信攪乱圃場における大気中の合成性フェロモン濃度と交尾率の関係
  • チャノコカクモンハマキ ノ コウシン カクラン ホジョウ ニ オケル タイキチ

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The aerial concentration of a synthetic sex pheromone component (Z-11-tetradecenyl acetate) and the mating ratio of tethered females of the smaller tea tortrix were measured under field conditions. The aerial concentration of the pheromone component and mating ratio show a logarithmic linear relationship. The aerial concentration of the synthetic pheromone component should be more than 20ng/m3 to suppress the mating to less than 30%.


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