Food consumption of three major sweet potato defoliators, Aedia leucomelas Linne, Agrius convolvuli Linne and Brachmia triannulella (Herrich-Schaeffer).

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  • サツマイモの主要食葉性害虫3種の摂食量
  • サツマイモ ノ シュヨウ ショクヨウセイ ガイチュウ 3シュ ノ セッショクリ

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Consumption of sweet potato leaves by larvae of three major defoliators, Aedia leucomelas LINNÉ, Agrius convolvuli LINNÉ and Brachmia triannulella (HERRICH-SCHÄFFER) was evaluated by the measurement of the dry weight of leaves consumed and the leaf area consumed was calculated. The examination was conducted in rearing larvae of three insects at the constant temperatures of 20, 25 and 30°C under a 16hr day-length regime. Amount of consumption by larvae in each instar was measured under a 25°C and 16hr day-length regime, while under other conditions, the determination was performed only in larvae in the final instar. The mean values of dry weight of leaves consumed by A. leucomelas, A. convolvuli and B. triannulella were approximately 654mg, or 170cm2 in terms of leaf area, 5g, 1, 300cm2 and 28mg, 7cm2, respectively, and 83%, 88% and 61% of the total amounts were consumed by the larvae in the final instar in the respective species. The food consumption of A. leucomelas was the highest at 20°C, but that of A. convolvuli was the highest at 30°C, though the effects of day-length on food consumption were not recognized in both species.


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