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Effects of Dietary Nasunin on the Serum Cholesterol Level in Rats.

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The effects of nasunin, a major anthocyanin in eggplant, and itsaglycone, delphinidin, on the serum cholesterol concentration were determined in rats fed with a cholesterol-enriched diet. The serum total cholesterol and HDL-cholesterol concentrations tended to be decreased and increased, respectively, by feeding nasunin and delphinidin, while the fecal excretion of both cholesterol and bile acids tended to be increased by feeding with the anthocyanins. There was no difference between the nasunin and delphinidin activity to decrease serum total cholesterol, nor to increase serum HDL-cholesterol or the fecal excretion of cholesterol and bile acids. These results suggest that the slightly lower serum total cholesterol concentration in rats fed with nasunin and delphinidin may in part be due to inhibition of the intestinal absorption of both cholesterol and bile acids by these anthocyanins, and that the delphinidin moiety of nasunin mainly contributes to this activity.


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