A Study on the Vortex Oscillator : 2nd Report : Oscillatory Phenomena Occurring in a Confined Vortex Oscillator



A vortex oscillator, which has a double input vortex chamber and two conduit-capacity systems, is studied theoretically and experimentally. An oscillator with a single conduit-capacity system is also examined. A mathematical model of this type of oscillator is presented and its validity is examined by experiments. The stability of the equilibrium state of the system is discussed. Higher modes of oscillation occur in the system under certain conditions when the compressibility of the working fluid is relatively large. The frequency of the higher mode coincides with the natural frequency of the same mode of the conduit-capacity system of the oscillator. Relaxation oscillations occur under certain conditions also. The experimental data were found to be in good agreement with theoretical predictions.


  • Bulletin of JSME

    Bulletin of JSME 24 (191), 802-808, 1981

    一般社団法人 日本機械学会


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