Non-Destructive Bond Stress Evaluation of Bending and Shear Deformed Reinforced Concrete Structure using Neutron Diffraction

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  • 中性子回折法による曲げとせん断を受けた鉄筋コンクリートの付着応力度の非破壊評価
  • チュウセイシ カイセツホウ ニ ヨル マゲ ト センダン オ ウケタ テッキン コンクリート ノ フチャク オウリョクド ノ ヒハカイ ヒョウカ

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<p>The bond strength between rebar and concrete under bending moment was investigated by measuring the stress distribution in the two-dimensionally distributed rebars embedded in the reinforced concrete (RC) beam using neutron diffraction. The stress distributions in both of the main rebar and the transverse stirrups embedded in concrete were successfully measured at the fixed measurement configuration without any sample rotations, by using a simple measurement technique suggested based on the technical knowledge obtained in the previous experiments. The bending and shear fracture behavior of the RC beam specimen was predicted by comparing changes in the stress distribution in the rebars measured by neutron diffraction with respect to the applied stress, with the macroscopic deformation measured by strain gauges fixed on the concrete surface. In this study, it was found that the neutron diffraction technique can be a useful technique to evaluate not only the anchorage performance but also the bending behavior of the RC beam.</p>


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