Neutron Diagnostics for the Energetic Ion Transport Analysis

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  • 輸送解析から見た高エネルギー粒子計測手法  1.高エネルギー粒子輸送解析のための中性子計測
  • 講座 輸送解析から見た高エネルギー粒子計測手法(1)高エネルギー粒子輸送解析のための中性子計測
  • コウザ ユソウ カイセキ カラ ミタ コウエネルギー リュウシ ケイソク シュホウ 1 コウエネルギー リュウシ ユソウ カイセキ ノ タメ ノ チュウセイシ ケイソク

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Neutron diagnostic is one of the powerful tools for the fast ion study in the DD and DT burning plasmas. Neutron production processes in burning plasmas and the neutron diagnostic techniques are briefly reviewed. The transport analysis of the neutron yield in the NB heated JT-60 plasma provides the fast ion contribution in the neutron production process. The fast ion slowing down process has been studied by the NB blip experiments at JT-60. Triton burn-up measurement has been carried out with the 14-MeV neutron measurement in the DD plasma, which shows that the behavior of 3.5-MeV tritons is almost classical. Neutron emission during the TAE mode driven by 400-keV negative-ion-based NB has been investigated at JT-60. The knock-on α spectroscopy is tried in the DT campaign of JET by the magnetic proton recoil spectrometer.


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