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ECH Experiment in Heliotron J

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  • ヘリオトロン J における ECH 実験
  • ヘリオトロン J ニ オケル ECH ジッケン

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Recently magnetic confinement theories in helical systems have been developed, and various magnetic configurations have been proposed. Heliotron J was constructed to optimize the helical-axis heliotron concept by introducing bumpiness in the magnetic spectra. The ECH system with 53.2 GHz and 70 GHz gyrotrons in Heliotron J produced a plasma with Te= 1 keV and ne=1.5×1018 m-3, which is in the rare collisional regime. Preliminary estimation of the global energy confinement time is close to that expected from ISS95-scaling. Impurity behavior in the Heliotron J plasmas is also reported.



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